Clearwater Softeners

Manufacturers and suppliers of quality water treatment systems in Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Bedfordshire and surrounding counties.

Water softeners, filters, sterilisation & reverse osmosis units

Domestic drinking water filters

Water filters can remove or treat almost every pollutant found in water sources.

They vary from simple sediment filters to those able to treat water-borne bacteria and viruses. We feel our range covers most people’s requirements to improve their water.

Filtering the water provided by your mains supplier means that you will benefit from:

  • The removal of chlorine, sediments, lead, nitrates, aluminium, organic compounds and cysts – including cryptosporidium and more.
  • A constant supply of fresh, quality-tasting water for drinking and cooking, straight from the tap.
  • Cost savings – as a ‘plumbed-in’ system is cheaper and more convenient than buying bottled water or using a filter jug.

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